Handcrafted Details

Not all Windsor chairs are created equal. And simply making them by hand does not guarantee that they will be great. In order to be a great a Windsor chair should have:

• Crisp, bold, hand turned legs and stretchers.
• Small delicate spindles.
• Graceful seats that are deeply shaped and saddled.
• Meticulous detailing
• Graceful proportions between legs, seat and top structure.
• Legs which are splayed and raked at just the right angles to support the chair visually as well as physically.
• Good deeply carved hand knuckles and crests.
• A wonderful warm finish.

A great Windsor should enhance and magnify every other piece of furniture in a room. It should demand your attention but not be overwhelming. It should provide new discoveries every time you look at it. It should beckon you to rub your hands over the arms and across the back and feel the subtle tool marks. It should not be heavy, clunky, and ‘planted’. It should be delicate, light and on its toes ready to dance and pirouette across the room. It should greet you with open arms and entice you to sit down. It should be comfortable and invite you to relax while you enjoy a wonderful piece of our great American culture and heritage.