Quality Handcrafted Windsor Chairs

American Windsor Chairs developed in the late 18th century are the most graceful, beautiful and durable type of colonial furniture ever developed. Although Windsor chairs are originally from England, the American colonial craftsmen refined them both esthetically and structurally to near perfection. American Windsor's are recognized as the epitome of the chair maker's art. They are comfortable, strong, and lightweight. They are an engineering marvel. Because of their unique construction, they are extremely strong and durable. Thousands of chairs from the 18th and 19th centuries are still in use today. They have been in style for 250 years and will be in style 250 years from now. They are timeless. They have never been passe or unfashionable. Nor will they be. They are at home with any decor from log cabin rustic to oriental to colonial to modern eclectic mixes.

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